God is at the Meeting: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps
      by Maurice C.

Maurice did a masterful job defining the 12 steps and how he uses them in daily life. This should be required reading for the newcomer and the oldtimer!
tony d 
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Fritz Barne
This review is from: God is at the Meeting: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps (Paperback)
Maurice observes that "For addicts, words and teaching are not sufficient because we don't believe sobriety is possible. Like doubting Thomas, we need someone to show us."

The sad truth is that for most alcoholics, just reading the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and attending meetings are not enough to obtain and retain sobriety. Usually more is needed. Indeed, the problem is clear enough - alcohol and self-indulgence. Likewise, the solution is clearly stated - a spiritual experience through the suggested steps. It is the practical implementation of the solution that confounds so many. This is this is where Maurice takes us on a journey through the Steps and where the rubber meets the road.

Maurice stresses that humility to be the key success in sobriety. With defeat and surrender comes humility and from humility a willingness to take suggestions. His book is full of anecdotes and examples of personal sponsorship which he holds out to be the key to obtaining and retaining meaningful sobriety - in other words one alcoholic talking to another and showing him how to live.

This appears to be Maurice's first dipping of his toe into the water of spiritual writing, I have a hunch that much more is on the way.
Kathy L.
This review is from: God is at the Meeting: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps (Paperback)
One of the gifts I receive from writing a weekly article is the opportunity to hear from folks around the country and around the world. The internet has offered me an abundance of friends in recovery who email their experiences, strengths, and hopes. Every now and then, a writer will share something that I in turn can share with you. In this case it is a wonderful book called "God is at the Meeting: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps" by Maurice C. Maury has been sober for 25 years and after retiring from a fast-paced corporate position, he spends his time taking AA meetings and the message to jails and prisons.

Going to the jails and prisons is such a phenomenal way to be of service but what Maury realized was that many of these incarcerated men had years of AA experience yet struggled with the idea of spiritual living. And, at best, these men were able to attend one meeting per week with little continuity when it came to the Steps.

Maury wanted a way to talk about alcoholism, the feelings of "less than" that all of us have experienced, the denial, the selfishness and the solution to all of this. The stories he tells are real but as he says the names are changed to protect "the guilty". Mr. C speaks from the heart in a language all of us can understand.

When I first began recovery I read every book possible on the Twelve Steps. They were all helpful and all very much the same. "God is at the Meeting" goes into each step but Maury defines each step using his own experiences as a guide. In other words, he shows the reader how he lived the steps, how he felt about each one, the struggles and the "aha" moments. At the end of each chapter he asks a few questions that the reader can answer quickly or with thought but nonetheless, can answer clearly.

Throughout the book he talks about sponsorship and service because he strongly believes in both and because he is the embodiment of what these mean and how they contribute to sobriety. He also intersperses words from the Big Book but not so much that he parrots what we have read many times. His focus throughout the book is spirituality and the importance of it in an alcoholic's recovery and in working the Steps.

The chapter I liked best was "AA in Jail and Prisons". He describes the difference between jail and prison (which I now understand) and you can sense how emotionally connected he is to the inmates. He paints a very real picture and if you feel as I did, you will close the chapter with a ton of gratitude because you did many of the things that put these men in jail. You (we) just didn't get caught.

Please add "God is at the Meeting: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps" (Amazon) to your library. It is an easy read and it a wonderful publication for someone early in recovery or years in recovery--and you don't have to be an inmate. It would make a good addition to whatever you use for sponsorship because it makes each step real in the type of world we live in today.

It is truly a book written from the heart and soul of someone who is giving back graciously what he was so freely given. Kathy L. is the author of "The Intervention Book: Stories and Solutions from Addicts, Professionals, and Families" (Conari Press)
In this easy to read book, written by Maurice Cox, titled "God is at the Meeting" is a must read. It speaks such a profound message to all even for those who do not suffer from addiction. There are inspirational notes that will take you to a better understanding of yourself, your relationships with others and your faith in God. It truly points out the main purpose in our lives and who we must place our faith and trust in for everything we do. Maurice does an extraordinary job with simply wording the steps and direction to overcome those difficulties in our lives. His message speaks loudly. Maurice simply says that our trials and struggles can be turned into our strengths and blessings if we completely surrender ourselves to God. He keeps it real and does a wonderful job at getting a message out to those who are struggling in their life.

Thank you Maurice for your beautiful words of wisdom and your strong hold and Love for our Lord. It takes a lot of courage and strength to open up and share your personal struggles in order to help lift another. This is truly a selfless act of kindness and a strong hold of faith. This is the most effective way to help lift and guide another. From my heart to yours, thank you for helping all of God's children and grace be with you to continue to follow his lead and help others get through.
The twelve steps are the foundation for a spiritual life. In this book Maurice C. takes you through how the twelve steps work, just as a sponsor would.
The book is inspirational for all those who want what AA offers. This simple twelve step program has saved thousands of people since Bill W. and Dr. Bob teamed up in the thirties. Maurice explains the twelve steps in a practical and meaningful way. The program can be a way of life to anyone who wants it.
This book has instantly become one of my reference books.
This book is "The Twelve Steps for Dummies" and by that I mean it is a very simple, practical perspective on how to apply the Twelve Steps to your life for a fulfilling recovery from alcoholism. Within this book, I found that the author provides pearls of wisdom that contain depth and weight, but yet are not heady ideas. That in itself takes a knowing and understanding of spirituality; a knowing that comes from the experience of living and applying these principles. The author and I have had the pleasure of being a part of recovery together for years. Because I know Maurice, I can tell you that this book isn't just a bunch of lip service. This is the real deal and I'm so thankful to have this manual in my "tool" box to inspire and guide me throughout my recovery! A must read whether you're in a program or not.
Robert Stucky 
As a long-time member of AA I have read and been inspired by many fine books that help me on my spiritual journey. This book," God Is at the Meeting: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps", is one that I found very inspiring and yet down-to-earth. It is the book that I know I will come back to time and time again to gain insight as I live my life trying to adhere to the principles that AA has taught me and that are the core of my life since embracing this amazing recovery program. The author has "walked the walk" and that is apparent as you read these enlightening chapters. A great book for helping the newcomer to AA but also one that one blessed with more years of AA sobriety will find very helpful in keeping the program alive.